Obtain Jetblue Airlines Flights and book tickets to Paris this summer vacations

Have you ever visualized yourself spending summer vacations in Paris with the love of your life? If no, then start thinking because summers are just around the corner and it is the best time to explore Jetblue Airlines Reservations for the best offers. Nothing is romantic than spending a Vacation in Paris with the person whom you are deeply in love with. The beauty, cultural treasures, and architecture make this city the most visited place in the World.

Given below are some of the most popular and the must-visit places in Paris:

Berges de la Seine

This is the perfect place for romantic evenings. Plan a romantic dinner with your partner in a beautiful boat and enjoy the lovey-dovey moment with the exceptional view of Paris. The place is soothing and perfect for people who are deeply in love and looking for a place to chit chat.

Eiffel Tower

The first and the foremost thing come in our mind when talking about Paris is Eiffel Tower. Eiffel not only symbolizes Paris but all of France. The tower was constructed from 1887-1889 and is still considered as the most romantic place in France. Visitors enjoy a fabulous view of Paris from the new transparent first floor and second floor. Eiffel is not only the top-rated tourist attraction but it is one of the best beautiful places in the whole world.

The Rooftops in Beaubourg

As the name indicates the place is quite popular to enjoy coffee, meal, cocktail and more. There is a restaurant or bar on the top of this place. Visitors visit this place to enjoy the charming view of Paris.

The Louvre

It is the world’s largest historic and art museum in Paris and is located on the right bank of the Seine in the city. It is one of the most crowded tourist places in Paris and is divided into several sections like Islamic art, objects of art, Roman and Greek art, paintings, sculptures of medieval period etc. If you want to know more about this interesting place, just visit Jetblue Airlines Official Site and enjoy the best deals along with the vacation ideas.

Place des Vosges

Perfect place to relax, Place des Vosges is the oldest and the first planned square which is located in the Marais. Visitors visit this place for shopping and to relax on the grass. The place is quiet and best for writers so that they can write in a peaceful atmosphere.

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Celebrate your birthday in Hawaii by booking flight tickets through Jetblue Airlines

Hawaii is well-known for its diverse and glorious culture, art, and history. From dancing on the soft guitar notes to strolling around in the color streets, it is the most favored tourists’ destination for people around the world. If you are searching for a stunning place to celebrate your birthday with your friends, then this is the ideal destination for you.

Tap on your phone’s screen to get Jetblue Airlines Reservations and avoid the last moment hassles. Here are some of the things that you can do in Hawaii to celebrate your birthday with a bang:

Grab food-treats at SKY Waikiki: It is the most popular rooftop lounge; restaurant and bar in Hawaii. You can order dishes like Hawaiian pizza, burgers or any other dish that suits your taste-buds. Not only the food is delicious but the vibrant view it offers is breath-taking. If you are lucky enough to visit this lounge on Friday, then don’t forget to experience the live music starting from 10 pm.

Spend time at the Mokuleia Beach: Take a long walk alongside the silky sand shore with your friends. This beach is one of the hidden gems in Hawaii which keeps it less crowded and offer a calm atmosphere. Also, you may also get a chance to witness the large green sea turtles lazing on the shore. Don’t miss a chance to experience the marine life of this beautiful beach and appoint Jetblue Airlines Flights immediately.


Explore the Kailua Farmers Market: It is one of the most lively markets in Hawaii. You can find almost anything here, from fruits to homemade oven baked pizzas. This market is on the must-visit spots of Hawaii. You can walk around while listening to groovy music played in this market.

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Book Jetblue Airlines flights now and find 5 places for kid friendly vacation in Canada

If you are in love with kids and want to travel with them to Canada, then you would be glad to know that Canada is one country which treats kids better than most countries in the world. For good measure, you should know which places your kids would love more than others when in Canada. Make prior arrangements by booking your tickets at Jetblue airlines reservations. While adults would love the museums, the Northern lights, and the adventure sports, but kids would love the zoos along with aquariums and amusement parks.

Let us quickly look at the best Canadian places to go to when you are a family with little kids. Search as per the Jet blue airlines deals you are getting.



Banff is the first place on the list. You can go for a gondola ride here with majestic views. If your kids like snow then they can play in this snowy place all day long. This is purely lake tourism. The hotels are lavish for when the kids want some rest after active outdoor exercise.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the second family-oriented place you must visit when in Canada. The falls are majestic, and kids would love the new names of the entire flora found in the Botanical gardens. Plus, kids would fall head over heels in love with more than 1500 aquatic species found in this place.


Vancouver boasts of ultimate kid attractions ranging from a mini train ride, playgrounds, water parks, the suspension bridge would be a favorite with kids. This is a spot which is often covered on TV and in movies, and your kids might identify the place because of that. On the whole, the site is just beautiful.

Quebec City

Now, it’s the fairy tale. Not only kids, but you would also fall in love with Quebec City for the same reason. There are fairy tale costume stores, and kids would love role-playing as their favorite fairy tale character. The costume station is at Musee de la Civilization. There is a beach where kids can play beach volleyball, and you could join them to relive your childhood.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Barbados that are must to see places

Caribbean has numerous tourist attractions with astounding views. One of them is Barbados. Barbados is a pleasing place for a vacation. The region is like a heaven on earth. Most of the tourists come here to relish the eye-catching natural beauty. If you are planning to visit Caribbean this vacation or in case, you have already booked JetBlue Airlines Flights then it is vital that you know about the top tourist attractions here beforehand:

Harrison Caves: This is the wonderful, crystallized limestone cavern which is believed to be one of the wonders of the world. The caves enable visitors to see some of the most gorgeous natural geological features of Barbados. Here, you can see the regal stalagmites and stalactites which have been growing from the ceilings and floors for numerous centuries.

Barbados Museum: When at Barbados, you cannot simply miss to visit this place. The rich history and culture of the island come to life in these charming galleries, set in gorgeous nineteenth-century buildings. Here you can see and travel around Barbadian natural and social history, military history, African heritage, decorative arts, paintings and prints.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens: This is certainly a great place to ease off and be contented with nature. This is quiet and serene tourist attractions in Barbados that is situated in Bathsheba on the eastern coast of the island. You will feel like walking in heaven as you roam along the paths full of bougainvillea, orchids, and palms. Gentle streams and lily ponds are spread around the area.

Barbados Beach: One of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbados is the beach. Here you will find miles of calm warm waters and golden sandy beaches for swimming in the Caribbean Sea. On the north, east and southeast coasts you will find white sandy beaches and the water of the Atlantic Ocean, which is perfect for those who are water sports enthusiast.

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