Do Delta Airlines Reservations to explore the top-rated attractions in San Francisco

When in San Francisco, outlandish is not bizarre; it is the norm. You will find that your favorite icons and landmarks are fog covered. San Francisco has a history of gold rushes. The people of  San Francisco are heavily into snowboarding, finding technologies not yet invented, these locals write poems in their free time, the burghers are always testing new workable schemes, but a lot has been lost in earthquakes and city slickers are losing all in gamble, still these people have their backbone intact, and they are living it up.

Let us look at the few best things to do in San Francisco –

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco folks are passionate about this landmark; you’ll get a case of vertigo trying to get a 360-degree view out of here, nearby are hiking and biking, it appeals to the senses of light, sound, and color.

Golden Gate Park

You could wander around this park for a whole week, and not reach the end; it is the green lungs of the city, find exotic flowers, and sip a tea in the restaurant amid the garden. The sprawling greens mean no one can guess that it was a completely sandy spot at first. The golden gate park is worth booking those Jetnlue airlines flights.


Spread over an unimaginably large area, and home to 20 restaurants, 16 screen theatres, the largest IMAX in the continent, it is a shopping area, it sells everything, you can even do grocery shopping here, the beauty products you buy here would make you the subject of envy. What you spend here can be saved through Jetblue airlines deals.

Lafayette Park

It is an excellent place for a health freak; you can play lawn tennis here, go running with the dog. The location is also a great picnic area. Do not forget; the place has an astronomical observatory. You should do more research on Jetblue airlines official site.

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